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Orders for garden mix are due by this coming Friday, October 3rd.

As the BCGA Board has done for many years, we will be purchasing a soil amendment (called Garden Mix - a mixture specifically for our soil consisting of manure and compost) in bulk from Don's Garden Shop. If you plan to garden the same plot you have now in 2015, this is a very good amendment to apply this fall, once you've cleaned off your plot. We strongly recommend that once you've applied an amendment in the fall, that you till it under. You are not required to purchase this amendment, but about 50% of the gardeners who plan to return the following year have purchased this mix in the past.

The cost is the same as last year: $40 per cubic yard. We'll also provide tillers the weekends of Oct 11-12 & 18-19, which you can rent for $8. It takes about 20 minutes to till a full-sized plot.

Most folks who use this mix apply 1 cubic yard on a full-sized, 20' by 40' plot (so 1/2 cubic yard would work well for a half plot).
Send your checks for garden mix and tiller rental to:
PO Box 38326
Colorado Springs, CO 80937

The Charmaine Nymann Community Garden is located in beautiful Bear Creek Regional Park, on the west side of Colorado Springs.

The oldest community garden in the Pikes Peak Region, with some of the best amended soil anywhere.

Gardeners, upon renting a plot, become members of the Bear Creek Garden Association (BCGA), a Colorado non-profit corporation, which runs the garden under a land-use agreement with El Paso County.

The garden was a community garden for 10 years before the BCGA assumed management responsibilities. The property was previously a county-run poor farm, and was gardened and farmed as early as 1900.
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